14th June 2024 sul (viola solo) Stadtbibliothek Marzahn-Hellersdorf

24th May 2024 Thessaloniki a lullaby for Xenakis Bremer Schlagzeugensemble Greek Music Days

20th April 2024 Augsburg it’s all Greek to me, Ensemble Aventure

18th April 2024 München it’s all Greek to me, Ensemble Aventure

17th April 2024 Freiburg it’s all Greek to me, new work for Ensemble Aventure

8th February 2024 Nominated for the 15. GEMA Musikautor:Innen Preis Orchester und Stimmen

23rd September 2023 IRL (trombone solo) BHROX Atonale e.V. resources/research III

9th September 2023 dies illa (sopran & percussion)) BHROX Atonale e.V. resources/research II

5th August 2023 Saxophonquartett BHROX Atonale e.V. circle sounds I

27th June 2023 radio portrait-broadcast RBB Kultur Radio Musik der Gegenwart

30th May 2023 Berlin Klavierminiaturen I-X Unerhörte Musik il Duo Alterno

6th Dec. 2022 Berlin Hommage à Xenakis  Unerhörte Musik Bremer Schlagzeugensemble

3rd Dec. 2022 Hamburg  Hommage à Xenakis  TONALi Saal Bremer Schlagzeugensemble

1st Dec. 2022 Bremen  Hommage à Xenakis   St. Stephani Bremer Schlagzeugensemble

21st Okt. 2022 Berlin BHROX Atonale e.V. Think Twice Konzert III

12th May 2022 Berlin Ensemble Intercontemporain

22nd May 2022 Berlin Boulez Ensemble (postponed to a later date)

12th May 2022 Berlin Ensemble Intercontemporain

11th May 2022 Paris Ensemble Intercontemporain